Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Finishing

Finishing Hardwood Floors

Sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors can be expensive and can take you off your floor and sometimes out of your house for an extended period. Stay ahead of that with a periodic cleaning and top-coating of hardwood to protect you investment.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We use a machine specificity designed to put down a cleaner, gently agitates it with a soft brush, and removes the cleaner and dirt in one step. We repeat the process with a rise that removes any additional residue and dirt leaving the floor instantly dry. We the apply a water-based urethane finish in your choice of gloss or satin.

Certified Green Products – Zero VOCs

We were the first company in Indiana and one of the first 20 in the nation to be certified by the manufacturer, Basic Coatings, the manufacturer of the specialty cleaners and finishes we use. The products are all green with zero VOCs, keeping with our philosophy of being an environmentally responsible company.

Before leaving the home or business, our technician have a final walk thru to answer any questions and give recommendation on the care of your hardwood floors.