Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Residential Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Healthy Home Carpet Care uses only cleaning agent and processes that provide superior cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly and safe for you children, pets and you. Our processes dry quickly, usually in 1-2 hours, allowing quick access to your living space minimizing the disruption in your life. We use an 8 step process to assure the cleanest greenest brightest carpet when we leave your home.

  1. Preclean walk through with the client so they can point out any special concerns. We will measure and price each area and provide a guaranteed price.
  2. Vacuum each area thoroughly with a commercial strength system far exceeding the particulate removal of a home vacuum. 70-90% of the soils in your carpet are particulates that your home vacuum did not remove and few carpet cleaners remore before applying moisture which turns them into mud pushing them deeper into the fiber. We use soft brushes to go to the base of the carpet pulling the particulates to the surface and vacuuming the out.
  3. Topically treat any area that may need special cleaning agent such as red food dye, rust, pet spots, deeply ingrained soils, etc.
  4. Apply a green cleaning solution to the carpet which captures soil deep in the fiber and kills organics growing in your carpet.
  5. Extract the soils that are deep in the fibers while at the same time grooming and fluffing the carpet to give it that new carpet appearance.
  6. Inspect carpet for any remaining discoloration and apply topical agents to remove the remaining distortion.
  7. Apply optional carpet protectant to help maintain the look and extend the life of the carpet. We use only a green protectant that is environmentally friendly and safe for the residents of your home, whether they have two legs or four.
  8. A post cleaning walk thru, answering any questions of our client to assure total satisfaction and answer any question about maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning varies somewhat from residential carpet cleaning. The unique soils and scheduling needs of businesses require special attention. The primary difference is the adjusting of the cleaning solutions to target the different environment. The Products are still ecologically friendly and safe for the workers. Our equipment is larger and more powerful yet function very much like our residential equipment.

Rug Cleaning

There is no need to send out your area rugs, including most Orientals, for offsite cleaning. We use low moister and dry processes that allow green cleaning in your home or office, even on top of hardwood floors.